Wordpress for CMS

WordPress commands a Lion’s share in CMS usage and popularity.

WordPress is today by far the most popular platform for websites. More than just a blogging tool, WordPress is actually a complete, stand-alone CMS (content management system) that allows anyone to maintain and edit an entire website without having to learn code for the most part.

So why and how is this platform so popular?

The answer lies in the availability of tens of thousands of plugins that enhance functionality and extend the capability of the platform. There’s a plugin for almost every function from simple to complex. What’s more, since it’s based on PHP and My SQL, developers are able to customize their installations according to each website’s unique needs.

WordPress is not just popular with people wanting to host a blog, but increasingly even non-profits and businesses are turning to this platform for their websites. And, the platform is inherently search engine friendly, making it all the more popular with users.

Which has lead many people to ask the all-important question: Is it secure?

Like any other CMS platform, the onus of securing an installation lies with the end user. There are updates and patches to potentially vulnerable plugins or code which have to be implemented in a timely manner. Also, because of the sheer number of people using WordPress, the good news is that attacks and vulnerabilities are usually discovered and handled faster than other open-source CMS systems.

And like any other system, developers have to follow basic common sense to secure their databases, create unique usernames and passwords, identify potential loopholes and plug them.

All said and done, the verdict is overwhelmingly in favor of this platform. We would certainly recommend using WordPress over other similar CMS systems. We’re proficient in WordPress and its environment and we’ve developed and customized scores of websites of all kinds using this amazing platform.