Why Organic SEO is far more effective than PPC.

Jan 19, 2016

Organic search engine optimization involves the natural listing and ranking of a website’s page on search engines without the need to pay them for it. Easier said than done, something that most battle-hardened internet marketing experts will vouch for.

Considering that you’re competing with thousands of people offering a similar product or service, it might seem that the odds are against you. However, if done correctly with a focus on original, accurate and relevant content, there’s no reason why you’re page wouldn’t list and rank high. Search engines place a premium on quality content.

PPC or pay per click campaigns, on the other hand, have their own uses. A PPC campaign is ideal for a unique product or service. Depending on the competition, clicks may cost from a few cents to quite a few dollars. The leads generated from a PPC campaign tend to be far more accurate in terms of conversions. However, getting top ranking for PPC ads will also cost more. PPC is deal for generating instant traffic and buzz. When done correctly, a PPC ad will generate traffic almost immediately to any website or squeeze page.

Research has shown that search engine visitors prefer organic listings to paid ads. Typically it takes a few months for your website to list and start ranking. As long as you stay focused with relevant and updated content, your rankings should rise. From a long-term perspective, search engine-generated organic traffic will far outnumber the leads from any paid campaign. This is also why SEO is a long-term strategy and anyone promising “#1 on Google in a day” is just out to gyp you off of your money.

All things being equal, both PPC and Organic SEO have their uses and are complimentary. A well-planned marketing campaign will make good use of both – PPC for the initial lead generation and buzz, and SEO for a long-term approach.

Over the years we have carried out PPC as well as SEO campaigns for a number of clients and helped them rank on page 1 of Google for their keywords on a sustained basis. A recent case in point was a New York City based real-estate appraiser. We got him on page 1 for highly competitive keywords in a market that’s cut-throat and unforgiving. Success is sweet :)