Spring-Cleaning tips for your website

Apr 07, 2016

Tips for spring-cleaning your website

Website strategies for Spring and Summer.

Spring is here. Infact it has been here for a couple of weeks now. Is your website ready for the season? Here are a few pointers that can do wonders for your business.

1) It’s time to refresh your website’s design.

Bring some spring-summer cheer to your website. And what better way to greet your audience than with some fresh new design elements for your website? A re-design does not necessarily have to mean changing the website in it’s entirety. A little bit of Spring-cleaning can certainly do wonders.

Check and improve your website’s UI-UX, call-to-actions, spruce up the navigation, check forms and improve mobile responsivity.

2) It’s all about content, fresh content.

Get those dusters out and get rid of your old content. Engage your visitors with interesting new articles, tips and updates. Watch your keyword rankings improve as you ring out the old and ring in the new. Keep your website fresh and updated with relevant and focused content. Improve your content strategies and align them with your business’s goals.

3) It’s time to get out of hibernation.

Say hello to the world on social media. Spin-up new SEO and social media marketing campaigns and connect with a wider audience. Announce your website changes. Improve your digital footprint.

4) Announce your new avatar via email.

Contrary to popular belief, Email marketing is alive and kicking. It doesn’t matter whether people are in their bathrooms, bed or even at work; they will check their email. This is partly thanks to increasing smartphone usage over the years.

Promote your new avatar via email marketing. Set-up and send out beautiful HTML mailers to your clients to showcase your new website, products or services. Fine-tune your marketing strategy, sales funnels and landing pages.

Learn how your metrics compare against benchmarks and adapt. Here’s a great report by Mailchimp, an online service used by millions worldwide.

So then, go ahead and start your spring cleaning today. Inspire and surprise your visitors with a new avatar. As always, we can help you every step of the way. Get in touch.

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