Pay Per Click Advertising

Instant traffic and lead generation.

Pay per click or PPC (sometimes referred to as Cost per click or CPC) refers to paid advertising on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and also some prominent social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. While banner ads are displayed any number of times, billing happens only when someone clicks on them. Hence the name.

Search engines typically reserve the first few top spots (and right side margins on some) on their pages to banner advertisements. These are the first things visitors see when they search online. A well directed and optimized Pay Per Click campaign can generate instant traffic and buzz to any website.

Running a successful PPC campaign is an art and science in itself. It involves a comprehensive study of keywords and competition. We at Evolvatec are experts at fine-tuning and managing Pay Per Click campaigns for best results. We analyze every campaign to see what works and what doesn’t and adjust our approach accordingly. PPC in conjunction with organic search engine optimization usually achieves the best results. Both go hand-in-hand in a well-planned internet marketing campaign.

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