Is WordPress good for my business’s website?

Sep 08, 2015

benefits of using WordPress

In a nutshell – Yes, Absolutely!

While its origins certainly lay in being a predominantly blogging platform for IT and non IT-savvy people, WordPress has evolved over the years into being a leading CMS platform for creating any and every type of website. We’ve come a long way from then.

WordPress’s versatility lies in it being easily customizable. There’s a huge global community of developers who have created tens of thousands of plugins for various tasks – with the vast majority of them being free. Almost every feature from simple to complex has a host of plugins available to choose from, from simple sliders to newsletters to forms and even e-commerce and social networking.

Not to mention that WordPress is extremely search engine friendly and lends itself naturally to be listed and indexed – probably a good enough reason for most to use this platform.

If you’re a business owner, updating and managing your website is easy with a little initial support from your developer. And if you’re a developer, the learning curve isn’t too steep if you’re already experienced with HTML, CSS, PHP, My SQL and some Javascript.

Over the past several years we’ve developed scores of WordPress websites for our clients from simple to complex, including social networking and e-commerce.

If your business needs a website, WordPress is the way to go. Give us a holler. Use the form to send us your requirements and we’ll get back to you with an attractive proposition.