How organic SEO and SMM keeps a dentist busy all day.

Aug 08, 2016

Mumbai SEO company gets Sydney dentist to rank on page 1.

A few months ago, Sydney-based dentist Roxanne Irani was facing a dilemma many independent practitioners are made to go through. Should she be spending all her time promoting and marketing her practice online, or would she rather spend that time in her state-of-the art clinic in Maroubra?

Up to now, she had spend thousands of dollars as retainer fees to another digital agency who were responsive in the beginning, but slowly started slacking. As is usually the case, she wasn’t given a proper statement of work or tasks carried out. All she was doing was pumping in money without receiving anything tangible in return, except for vague answers and excuses.

Tired and fed-up, she approached us to take over.

We studied her website, her competitors and work done do date. We then chalked out a strategy to get her to rank for important keywords for local searches as well as to promote her on Facebook and other social media. The aim was to unburden her of various SEO, marketing and technical tasks that ate up a lot of her time. Most importantly, the aim was to drive traffic to her and keep her clinic’s doorbells ringing with patients, at a reasonable cost.

She now ranks on top for over a dozen major keywords (and several related ones) in her locality. Her website is regularly updated with fresh content and shows a marked increase in traffic. Outsourcing her seo to us also helps her maintain an active engagement with clients on Facebook and other social media, post offers, announce events and promotions.

Roxanne now focusses on doing what she loves best – spending time with her clients in her clinic and living up to her reputation of being one of the best female dentists in Sydney.